Furniture Suppliers

Furniture Suppliers Inc, also known as FDS Inc, is based in Jasper, IN and is a part of the Industrial Supply Wholesalers industry. It is one of the largest manufacturers of furnishing items and sells mainly custom-made furniture. Furniture Suppliers Inc claims that it specializes in providing customized and durable, high-quality, in-demand office and business furniture at wholesale prices.

Furniture Suppliers Inc also deals with export of different types of furnishing items to Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Philippines. In order to cater to the growing demand for quality-made furniture, the company expanded its factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The expansion of its factory gave rise to the “Hanoi Suite Collection” in January, 2004. At present, it has five furnishing collections which are suitable for offices or homes. Vietnam is an emerging economic power and is a leading economic partner of China in the growing regional economic Cooperation Organization.

In addition to expanding its factory in Vietnam, Furniture Suppliers Inc also plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities in China. In August, it signed a strategic alliance with Shanghai Gold Market Co. Ltd., a leading gold importer and distributor. The partnership will help Furniture Suppliers increase its China retail and wholesale sales. In addition, this will help the company to strengthen its ties with other global furniture manufacturers. China is already an important market for furniture manufacturers and its expansion will further strengthen its hold on the sector.

As far as the quality of their products is concerned, Furniture Suppliers is the top 10 furniture manufacturers in the world according to the annual survey conducted by surveys firms. It comes in fourth after Swedish furniture maker Ikea and Finnish furniture producer Koist. Though it is one of the rapidly growing global furniture brands, it has not yet achieved the recognition it deserves because it lacks the recognition in some countries. For instance, the U.S. is still familiar with Ikea and Swedish despite the fact that they have been in the country for decades. This gap could be addressed by focusing more on Vietnam.

The major strength of Furniture Suppliers is its excellent range of modern furniture items. This consists of such classics as sectionals, office desks, chairs, loveseats and recliners. It is also well known for its contemporary collections including sleek metal beds and sleek leather sofas. In addition, the company is noted for its innovative designs and high-end furniture. In fact, many customers have been impressed by the unique and elegant designs of its furniture online store.

Furniture suppliers in China are well known for their reasonable prices. They offer both brand new items and used items at low prices to suit all types of customers. However, they are sometimes difficult to find, especially in areas where the local furniture stores are overcrowded. The best way to find an Alibaba suppliers is to search on popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. After a short search, you should be able to find dozens of online stores that sell authentic Chinese furniture at competitive prices.