5 things to consider when choosing Furniture Suppliers

We’ve put together a list that you can carry with you through the years of your business that will help you zero in on the right supplier(s) for your business model. Read on the recommendations of 5 things to consider when choosing Furniture Suppliers.

1. Productivity

When it comes down to profitability, a business is a business. Which means you have to find a way to make money – you need to cover your basic overhead costs, pay your employees, reinvest in your business, and then of course have some left over for yourself at the end of it.
When choosing Furniture Suppliers you want to take a close look at their product costs in addition to their pricing policies which can greatly affect how you run sales and promotions. Factors like freight, service fees, and regional taxes can impact your overall cost of goods.

2. Ease of Access

Locations are important for Furniture Suppliers if you supply across the country, or even on the other side of the border, this can affect everything from your cost of goods to shipping policies and times.
If you are the type who wants a hands-on approach to buying product, then you will want to choose the Furniture Suppliers who are within your region so that you can visit their showrooms and get a closer look at their furniture products. Or look for the furniture suppliers who participate in trade shows so that even if you travel there, you can hit up several companies at the same time.
If your model is more drop-ship, then you can look for the Furniture Suppliers with a stronger shipping network in spite of how close they are to you. Generally, how easy it is to place orders on furniture. Do they have a phone-in system? Can you place orders online? You will want a supplier with a high-rated, user-friendly website. Placing orders and getting your product should be the simplest part of your relationship with a supplier.

3. Customer Service & After-Sales Warranties

Customer service is what makes a lasting impression on both dealers and end consumers. It’s what will keep you going back to the same Furniture Suppliers even if they don’t necessarily offer the lowest prices. Many companies have dedicated regional sales reps – are in-person visits from a representative important to you? Or perhaps all you need is an account manager that is readily available when questions and concerns do come up.

4. Inventory & Selection of Products

If you are Furniture Suppliers you want to make sure you can provide what the customer wants when they want it. That’s why inventory plays a big part in choosing the right supplier.
Are you specializing in chairs, for example? You will want the Furniture Suppliers that can carry out all your chair orders on demand. Look for suppliers with good lead time on inventory accomplishment. And if items do go on back order, how long until they can be completed? Will it be a few weeks or a few months?
Depending again on your business model, you may want Furniture Suppliers that have a good variety of items. Do they have similar style items that can be a replacement for others when inventory does run low? The good furniture suppliers or wholesalers, for instance, will have a selection of upholstered storage with thick cushion, in a range of prices, so you will be able to find the pieces to sell that you know your customers are searching for.

5. Marketing, Promotions, and Social Media

When looking for the furniture suppliers consider how they market their products – both to dealers like you and to the end consumers. Look into how they involve their dealers in their marketing. Also it is necessary to see that they have social media accounts that gather excitement around certain items.
Does the furniture suppliers have a policy on promotions? Do they recommend promotions to dealers that offer discounted items? How often? Do their promotions need to be revealed in your own? Or do you get free control on when and how much you want to discount items?
Product reviews of furniture suppliers are a huge asset in today’s online market. Check if the suppliers have a database of product reviews on their website. Look, if they encourage you sharing reviews on your own site and also look for reviews on general sites like Google but be cautious of these as many of the reviews can come from end customers who may not understand the wholesale business model.
So much to think about! But keep this list as a handy reminder of some of the important things you need to know when searching for the new furniture suppliers. If you have some other tried and true tips on selecting and finding quality suppliers in your industry, test them with the aforementioned criterion.